POS Case Study – Electronics retail store

November 27, 2017 NO RESPONSES
Electronics Store

Victor has run his electronics store in Melbourne for over 12 years, originally selling TVs, entertainment systems and computers, before expanding into phones, software and a huge range of accessories. In today’s competitive bricks & mortar and online markets, he … Continued

POSable Use Case in Fashion Industry

November 8, 2017 NO RESPONSES

Fashion Point-of-Sale solution Paul started his surf fashion business selling his designs online from home, before deciding to open a retail store in 2015. He now has three stores in shopping precincts in NSW and Queensland. The POS problem Paul … Continued

Electronic shop Point of Sale Solution

August 2, 2017 NO RESPONSES
How can electronic shops and e-commerce stores get the power to take on the world? In all retail sectors, there’s fast growing competition from big online and offline companies. That includes the electronics market. One of the biggest problems for … Continued

6 ways a fashion store POS can quickly boost sales

August 1, 2017 NO RESPONSES

Retail fashion has always been a competitive arena. Today, with computer keyboards and smart phones in the hands of busy, savvy customers, it’s even more important for bricks n’ mortar retailers to provide a responsive, rewarding and reliable client experience … Continued

Cloud Computing technology in Australia

March 9, 2017 NO RESPONSES

In today’s society, we would be lying if we said we didn’t rely on technology. Technology, whether it be POS systems, microwaves or smartphones is incorporated into our daily lives where we simply cannot ignore it. One of the great … Continued

Australia, Cashless Future Nation

January 30, 2017 NO RESPONSES

In 2015 Westpac announced that more than half (53%) of all transaction are cashless, and stated that with the growing increase of banks and users moving to smartphone payment, many Australian are predicting that Australia will be cash free by … Continued

POSable Team Cruise Celebration

December 15, 2016 NO RESPONSES

The team at POSable took a well-earned break from their tireless efforts to bring you the very best integrated Point of Sale system and business platform. The guys have been working hard all year and it was a great way … Continued

POSable Success Story for a Convenience Store

December 3, 2016 NO RESPONSES

Meet Max, he runs a small convenience store with a pretty high turnover of casual staff. Before POSable, Max used to spend a lot of time training staff on all the applications he used like POS, loyalty and time and … Continued

With POSable, Everything is POSable!

December 2, 2016 NO RESPONSES

POSable – Visit us at Inside Retail Live 2017 at Sydney’s new ICC in Darling Harbour Day 1 is Free for Retailers – Just register online https://insideretail.live/ Wednesday 29 March – Thursday 30 March – Friday 31 March   We … Continued

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