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Whether you’re a small retailer or hospitality business, E-Commerce start-up or multi-store/venue with more complex needs, we have an industry specific custom-built POS software in Australia to match your needs and budget.

Depending on the type of business you’re running and your situation, you’ll have different priorities and needs. Here are some of the most common and powerful ways POSable can help you provide outstanding customer service, streamline your business processes, and increase your sales.

Cloud Based

The POSable cloud based system helps you to enjoy increased mobility and flexibility, enhanced reliability and security, high productivity and availability, scalability and sustainability.

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The POSable dashboard gives you access to a visual display of your most critical real-time business metrics at a glance all consolidated onto a single screen. Track your live sales data on your real time dashboard; run it on any computer, any browser, any time.

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POS Front-end

ThePOSable App is incredibly flexible and easy to use. Manage your customers, sales, returns, service tab, layaway and shop devices (tills). Our POS app works perfectly with a wide range of merchant providers giving customers a number of ways to pay.

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Product Management

Our POS software allows you to manage the entire business, add an unlimited number of products, with an immense number of variances and options. Define and schedule pricing rules for different customer groups and products across specific locations or all of your stores globally.

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Inventory Management

POSable in-built inventory management simplifies stock tracking and reporting across all your online and physical stores. Check and order stock from the floor. Make re-ordering easy and automatic. Streamline processes, manage suppliers and protect your margin.

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Customer Management

Delight your customers! Make buying, transacting and refunding secure, smooth and easy. Recognise and reward your customers with personalised offers.

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Loyalty System

Create lifelong customer loyalty. Recognise and reward existing customers with personalised vouchers and attract new ones with your own branded gift cards. Track who your best customers are and what they buy, link customer information with customised offers.

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Staff Management

Create different logins for your staff and control their access levels; all secured within a cloud based POS software. Monitor your staff sales numbers and performance. Identify and reward top performers.

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With POSable you will get access to your own branded built-in E-commerce platform at no extra cost. Track offline and online sales together and separately. Keep your inventory always in sync. Integrate with your existing e-commerce system, if required

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Access real-time advanced reports to make smarter decisions. Analyse sales, products and staff performance. Understand exactly which products at which stores are most profitable. Manage live updates of stock, returns, and more.

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Mobile Functionality

Continue to trade with mobile devices. Do business anywhere, even without the internet. Keep an eye on sales and business even when you are away from work.

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The POSable, one of the best POS software in Australia, works perfectly on any internet-enabled device from an iPad or Android Tablet to Windows based laptops and PCs. It can also be easily integrated with your current systems.

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Our POS software support team is Australian based with local expertise who understand your business and market; they are available on phone, email and live chat 24/7. Also POSable Help Centre with a range of guides, videos and articles has been set up to help you get started.

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Like to know more about our Cloud-based POS Software?

To discuss how we can help you please contact the POSable team in Sydney

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