Integrated Point Of Sale System

There are lots of reasons business owners look for a new Point of Sale system. For many, it’s because their existing system is hindering and holding back their business mainly due to the fact that it’s not compatible with other hardware and systems

  • Doesn’t sync with accounting system, computers, printers etc
  • Can’t be accessed on mobile devices

Download the POSable Point of Sale software from the Apple Store or Microsoft Store to any iPad, Windows Based Tablet / Laptop / PC devices to enjoy state of the art technology with the ultimate of convenience

POS Integration is becoming a Must-Have functionality

POSable has the ability to integrate with a large number of third party hardware and software:

  • iPad, Windows Based Tablet/ Laptop/ PC
  • Accounting software including Xero
  • Receipt and barcode printers, cash drawers, barcode scanners
  • Integrated with other E-Commerce platforms (e.g. WooCommerce, Magento, Shopify)
  • eBay (Coming soon)
  • Employee management and Payroll including ZUUS, DEPUTY (Coming soon)
  • Order, take away and delivery management, e.g. Menulog (Coming soon)
  • Market reach and Customer App (Coming soon)
  • Mobile dashboard (Coming soon)

Accept multiple payment methods securely

There’s nothing more frustrating than investing time, energy and budget in smart retail strategies, marketing and persuasive selling, only to see it all wasted at the final step.

Whether you’re selling through your fashion store or website, all the good work can come to an abrupt halt at the moment you ask for money to be handed over.

A common reason for this is when a business can’t take a customer’s preferred payment method.

POSable takes away that barrier, by working with a wide range of merchant providers, and giving customers a number of ways to pay – from cash to credit cards to Apple Money and more.

Some of the integrated solutions and features are still evolving and undergoing further development; to find out more please contact us on 1300 88 00 48 or