iPad Point of Sale

POSable is an iPad Point of Sale System that your staff can carry it around on mobile devices when dealing with customers. It can also sit on detachable, portable and locked stands.

You can access your POSable Point of Sale system on a device at a fixed location; the device might still be an iPad or tablet, but could also be an app on a laptop, PC, Mac, etc.

What is an iPad Point of Sale great for?

  • Multiple staff providing personal service as required on the store floor, or in several stores
  • Product or service requires demonstration, handling, wrapping etc
  • Offer customers product information and recommendations on the floor
  • Staff need to check stock, promotions, make orders while with the customer

Who Benefits the Most?

The huge benefits of having an iPad Point of Sale system are clear for certain business types, such as:

  • cafés and restaurants where staff need to discuss menus, send orders to the kitchen, take payments and split bills at tables.
  • retail stores where owners want staff to be able to take payments, check prices, view stock in store and at another store, etc on the floor with the customer while they browse
  • market stalls, outdoor kiosks, pop-up stores, health and fitness, trades and home service businesses

The only way to really know if POSable iPad Pont of Sale suits you best is to ask yourself what matters most. For example:

  • Do you want to let staff remove your Point of Sale device from a single location?
  • How many devices will you be using?
  • Will it look natural and welcoming for staff to carry around technology and talk to customers?
  • Do you want to be able to get information, order and take payments anywhere in-store?
  • Do your staff need to carry, bag or gift-wrap items at a checkout?
  • Are product demonstrations and explanations an important part of the sale?
  • Do you operate out of temporary venues and/or need to unpack and pack up each day?

If you’re not sure, don’t worry. We are here to help you find out about your unique needs and challenges.

Contact the POSable Point of Sale team in Sydney on 1300 88 00 48 or email at sales@posable.com.au