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Retail fashion has always been a competitive arena.

Today, with computer keyboards and smart phones in the hands of busy, savvy customers, it’s even more important for bricks n’ mortar retailers to provide a responsive, rewarding and reliable client experience every time, to compete and thrive.

Fortunately, new technologies are not just enhancing fashion retail customer experiences. A mobile, cloud-based Point of Sale (POS) solution can automate many important and time-consuming jobs crucial to fashion and apparel retail store success, such as:

  • controlling money going in and out of business, even when the web is down
  • managing inventory
  • changing pricing and creating promotions
  • providing real-time information that tells you exactly where your business stands
  • helping staff sell

In other words, cloud POS has the ability to work as your till, back office, supply manager and retail management system rolled into one. And, as a result, the people in your business can focus time and effort on the areas that grow your business.

Here are six ways a cloud POS can help your retail fashion business enhance customer relationships, service and sales.

1. Empowering in-store sales assistants

With a POS solution like POSable, your store assistants are able to carry around a host of powerful tools on a hand-held mobile device such an iPad, smartphone etc.

So not only can they take payments anywhere in-store, they can find information on items, locate them, find alternatives, even in different stores. They can also quickly manage discounts, returns/exchanges and more.

When your people know they have everything they need to serve customers they can confidently focus on helping store visitors find the right items and closing more sales.

2. Check and order stock from the floor

Picture a scenario where a customer is looking through a rack of clothing and asks your sales assistant if you have the item in another colour or size. Or anything similar.

Normally, this means your staff member has to check out the back of the store. And if you have multiple stores, they may have to get on the phone to other shops and wait for them to check what they have in stock.

Any time your staff are not engaging directly with the customer, there’s a much higher risk of that person leaving the store without buying.

With a mobile cloud POS, your staff can be talking with the customer at the clothes rack and let them know exactly what’s on the floor, out the back and available in other stores.

They’ll also know what new stock has been ordered, but hasn’t arrived.

3. Use reports to boost your store performance

Cloud-based POS is connected to everything so you have access to real-time reports to analyse sales, products and staff performance, such as:

  • identify high and low selling items
  • implement and measure new sales strategies
  • cut strategies that aren’t working, based on facts
  • track stock movement errors and reduce the risk of shrinkage
  • see staff performances so you can reward them or provide training where it’s needed

4. Create long-term customer loyalty

Retail loyalty programs work best when they truly enhance the customer’s experience. While discounts or points are effective, they’re offered everywhere.

To build a closer relationship with your best customers you could also offer something that feels more exclusive, such as early access to sale, an invitation to an event or a surprise at checkout.

But first, you need to know who your best customers are, what they are buying and be able to keep real-time track of it.

With a cloud POS like POSable you can recognise and reward customer groups with personalised offers, create loyalty systems and hand out branded gift cards. You can even look up a customer’s sales history while they are in the store.

When your top customers know how much you value them, it turns them in to lifelong customers.

5. Sell when other businesses are out of action

Most retailers rely on a 24/7 internet connection. If it goes down, so does their means of trading. Of course, browsing customers aren’t going to wait around until the business is reconnected to the web.

While most POS solutions won’t work if the internet is down, POSable has an offline capacity. So your sales staff can service customers without the web until your connection is restored.

Even if the power goes down in your business, shopping mall etc, your assistants can process sales through mobile devices.

6. Accept multiple payment methods

There’s nothing more frustrating than investing time, energy and budget in smart retail strategies, marketing and persuasive selling, only to see it all wasted at the final step.

Whether you’re selling through your fashion store or website, all the good work can come to an abrupt halt at the moment you ask for money to be handed over.

A common reason for this is when a business can’t take a customer’s preferred payment method.

The right POS takes away that barrier, by working with a wide range of merchant providers, and giving customers a number of ways to pay – from cash to credit cards to Apple Money and more.

With online and customer expectations growing, the retail fashion market is becoming a more dynamic a challenging industry.

But with an affordable mobile, cloud-based POS that handles many retail jobs – and helps staff sell more – even the newest and smallest fashion boutique, online store or chain, can become a star on the business catwalk.

Here at POSable, fashion and apparel clients can easily download our system to any Tablet/mobile device to enjoy state of the art technology with the ultimate convenience.

Request a Demo and discover how our Internet based platform will make operating your own retail fashion business a breeze.

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