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How can electronic shops get the power to take on the world?

In all retail sectors, there’s fast growing competition from big online and offline companies. That includes the electronics market.

One of the biggest problems for small and medium sized businesses is that most traditional Point of Sale technology is outdated.

Possibly the biggest drawback is that it doesn’t offer businesses the information or automation they need to deliver the level of service required to be competitive with these new entrants.

Why is service so crucial to electronics business success?

It’s been proven in surveys and research that high quality service and a great all around experience is valued far more than just a low price. Whether it’s delivered through a street front shop or an e-commerce store

Particularly, by the kind of people who become loyal repeat customers and advocates for a business.

Good news for service-focused electronic stores

Fortunately, the latest mobile, cloud-based POS technology is changing the game and levelling the playing field for electronic retailers. How? By taking on many of the time-consuming admin, data and reporting roles of the business.

For example, electronic stores are using this new POS technology to:

  • manage and track serial numbers and warranties
  • manage and track inventory
  • track deliveries
  • control payments
  • control pricing and create promotions
  • access real-time business and customer data
  • equip sales assistants with a powerful sales tool

As a result, they’re employees can concentrate on the area that people will always perform better than technology can – providing outstanding, personalised customer service.

New POS technology designed for the demands of the electronics industry is directly impacting three key drivers of any business – boosting efficiency, reducing operational costs and enhancing customer experience.

Improving on-floor sales assistant service

A mobile, cloud-based POS such as POSable can help your staff in so many areas of face-to-face service. It allows them to find and share details on items with a customer or suggest alternatives – even find the same or similar electronics in your other stores, if that applies.

They can also process payments anywhere in the store on their iPad, smartphone or other mobile device.

Managing business by serial numbers

When you’re selling electronics, white goods, etc serial numbers are your lifeblood. Without well organised and easy access to serial number information, chaos quickly takes hold and service levels deteriorate.

With the latest electronic store POS technology your staff can assign and track the serial numbers of all your electronics goods to:

  • manage and order inventory
  • know what new stock has been ordered, but hasn’t arrived
  • identify every product sold
  • check existing orders
  • track schedules

If a customer is in store and asks your sales assistant for an item not on display, the staff member can use the mobile POS to quickly check whats out the back, or in another store and check deliveries due in case you have stock coming in.

So they’re always engaging face-to-face with the customer, rather than on a phone or computer at the main desk, or hunting around out the back of the store.

This way, your business feels like a professionally run machine, backed by excellent, friendly service.

And if you operate online, your sales or customer service team has instant access to all the information they need while on the phone.

Simplifying returns, repairs, warranty and delivery

Often the greatest customer service challenges for any electronics business are not when someone makes an initial purchase, but when returns, repairs and warranties are handled.

In these situations, customers are often already frustrated and feel as though these activities are taking up precious time they didn’t intend to spend with you.

Anything less than a smooth experience can set them off. And it’s often not just your staff or management who hear their complaints. Social media and review websites are full of business crippling feedback from disgruntled customers.

With your new cloud based POS your staff can easily resolve customer’s technical issues by:

  • seeing detailed information on every purchase
  • accessing warranty details
  • assigning serial numbers to parts of items to create repair work orders
  • associating conditions of the warranty to the request
  • tracking repairs
  • track delivery with slips, receipts, etc

Making better decisions with real-time data

One of the drawbacks of an older POS systems is that you can’t get a clear, up-to-date picture of how your business is performing. And in a lightning paced business environment, you need this information to make the smart plays.

With a mobile, cloud-base POS you can literally connect from anywhere and get detailed reports to help you make confident business decisions:

  • identify high and low selling items
  • implement and measure new sales strategies
  • cut strategies that aren’t working, based on facts
  • see staff performances so you can reward them or provide training where it’s needed.

Building a customer loyalty program

Electronics customers can be fickle if there’s no value add to doing business with you. Great service can overcome this issue. And a highly effective part of that service experience is loyalty incentives.

A POS systems such as POSable opens up loyalty program opportunities without the traditional complexity or administrative demands and costs, by:

  • linking customer information with purchase history
  • tracking who your best customers are and what they buy
  • recording discounts and points
  • enabling you offer customers exclusive access to specials, products, gift and loyalty cards etc.

The best clients any business can have are the happy, appreciated ones that come back again and again – and suggest to friends (and review site audiences) that they try you out too.

Trading when the web and power go down

Even electronics businesses can’t avoid occasional power failures and internet crashes. And for retailers, that’s as impactful as being closed. Unless you have a mobile POS

The new cloud based POS systems like POSable work offline so you can do business and process payments even when the web or whole power to the street, shopping centre, etc is out.

The electronics retail market is changing rapidly. Businesses that want to thrive on the new playing field need to provide something that those big players can’t. That’s expertise and true customer service.

The only way to do that is to affordably automate and delegate much of the admin time and effort to technology.

And, at the same time, enable staff to access information that helps them deliver that exceptional service – from anywhere, at a moment’s notice.

And that’s why a mobile, cloud-based POS such as POSable is going to be a crucial asset for all small and medium Australian electronics retailers.


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