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Cafés are not the easiest businesses to run, but they are some of the best businesses to consider if you want to start your own company. Cafés have one major advantage over other business types – they sell a consumable item, meaning there is always and will always be a demand for your specific product.

With this fantastic advantage comes a series of challenges that can be hard to overcome. Obstacles such as health and food regulations, payroll, general management, and budgeting are all very hard to deal with.

POSable makes those tasks simple. This interactive system has been a major game changer for businesses all over Australia because POSable eases management, reduces operational risks, makes it easier to monitor your business, and enables you to grow and develop your business more efficiently.

POSable is suitable for various businesses and is a perfect system for any café. Here are the top ways this system can benefit and improve your café.

Automatic Backups to Secure Your Information

With POSable, you never have to struggle to make manual backups of your business data ever again. POSable is cloud-based, meaning all of the data that is processed on this system is automatically backed up throughout the day. Even if the system becomes damaged, or worse, your building is destroyed, you’ll be able to quickly restore your information to a new system.

Easy Menu Management

You can change your menus with ease because POSable offers simple menu management. You’ll no longer have to prints hundreds of new menus every time you make a simple menu change. When you need something updated, simply make the change and the update will show across your entire system.

Inventory Management

Inventory management is also done automatically and you can access your cloud-based inventory from anywhere in the world. This makes it incredibly easy to see when your stock is running low and when it is time for new fulfilment orders. The system even gives you automatic email notifications when your inventory is low.

E-Commerce Solutions

The food industry is notorious for high employee turnover, meaning you’ll potentially need to focus a lot of your efforts on hiring and training new employees. The e-commerce solutions on POSable are incredibly easy to use and you can get your new employees trained in no time at all.

Functional On All Devices

POSable is integrated with various devices such as Windows-based tablets, laptops, PC and, even iPads. This makes it much easier to monitor and manage your business as you work or travel.

Kitchen Management

Manage your kitchen, orders, and staff with ease with the simple to use kitchen management function. It can be difficult to manage your kitchen if you’re working at the front of the house or if you’re working in a remote office location, but with this system, you’ll have complete kitchen management wherever you are.

Table Management

With POSable, you’ll cut down on the number of errors when preparing orders, meaning your customers are going to be happier. The table management function makes order processing simple and automatically updates orders so bills reflect accurately.

Loyalty Programs

Loyalty programs enable you to reward hard-working employees for all their efforts. They can also keep customers coming back for more. This function is perfect for reducing staff turnover rates and for increasing sales with your current customers.

The POSable system can completely transform your business. From easier management to reducing errors in the kitchen, the versatile system is just what you need to take your business to the next level. For more information on what the POSable system can do for you, contact one of our experts today.