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Meet Max, he runs a small convenience store with a pretty high turnover of casual staff.

Before POSable, Max used to spend a lot of time training staff on all the applications he used like POS, loyalty and time and attendance.

With POSable he now has one simple and intuitive software that manages the lot, he only has to show his staff once and they can do it all.

POSable has freed up a considerable chunk of Max’s time.


What about Sally, she runs a gift shop and also sells online.

With POSable she can manage both from the one platform and all her data is available in real time 24/7.

POSable has made it all so easy for Sally.


And then there is Joe, he has 3 shops with a chicken franchise and what he needs is real time information about individual shops and group sales.

He gets all this from POSable, wherever he is, and whenever he needs it.

POSable has meant Joe can check on his businesses at a time that suits him and get up to date sales and stock information on each store.


Next, meet Jenny. Jenny has started a new shop front business selling handmade jewellery and she has so many things she has to pay for.

Fortunately she has chosen POSable with inventory management, and since its cloud based she can use it on her laptop or tablet and she only has to pay less than $30 a month to use it!

Jenny knows that as her business grows POSable can grow with her. She can access different modules as she needs them without paying any extra. She only pays for the number of terminals she is using. It’s perfect for Jenny and her growing business.


Here’s another one… Bob runs a general store not far from the proverbial ‘black stump’ and you guessed it, his internet is unreliable.

Bob has been thinking of using a cloud based POS system so he can manage his inventory from anywhere, but because of the unreliable internet he hasn’t made the leap yet.

With POSable, even if the internet is down, Bob can continue to make sales knowing the data will be available in the cloud once the internet is back. How good is that?