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An Electronic Business User Story

Victor has run his electronics store in Melbourne for over 12 years, originally selling TVs, entertainment systems and computers, before expanding into phones, software and a huge range of accessories.

In today’s competitive bricks & mortar and online markets, he knows that his point of difference is personal service, staff with expertise and offering competitive pricing through smart business systems.

The POS problem

Victor says, “I’ve been in technology and electronics my whole working life, so I understand how important it is to every business. The POS we were using did do more than take payments, but required a lot of disconnected manual imputing on jobs that were anything more than a simple transaction.

The inventory information and reports didn’t give us much detail. But the biggest issue was service issues. Many of my staff are part-time, so customers will often be looked after by different people each time they come in or call.

Having several people managing independent service jobs for the same customer was causing all kinds of headaches such as different quoted prices, staff doubling up on tasks and frustration for the customer”

The POS requirement

Victor came to POSable looking for a POS that would help him deliver the level of service he required to be not just competitive, but ahead of new entrants and big chains in service and efficiency.

His main requirements were to be able to:

  • open different service jobs under one easy-to-follow client account
  • easily enable all nominated staff to have access to job information and related staff notes
  • instantly access real-time data on all transactions
  • monitor and order stock accurately from anywhere in the store
  • access detailed, up-to-the-second reports to accurately understand business strengths and weaknesses
  • improve service, goodwill and sales conversions
  • make payments quickly and simply.

POS solution

  • Avoid creating multiple invoices for each customer by centralising information for all types of service jobs under one service tab – purchase, repairs, upsell, returns, etc
  • Add a huge range of tailored information in the service job and sales notes, such as who, when and what was dropped off, cost estimates, hourly fees for labour, uploading the customer’s goods images, etc
  • Empower staff to instantly access customer history, previously quoted costs, account information and notes to provide a better informed service.
  • Manage warranties and repairs with a one click link to the customer’s record and original sale.
  • Organise inventory by serial tracking, barcodes, descriptions and more, including cost controls with the option to track products by serial ID numbers.
  • Transacting fast, even when the internet goes down through a mobile device offline capacity


  • Accessing reports on sales figures, stock, margins, staff performance and much more


  • Get new staff up and running quickly using the simple, intuitive interface


“POSable has made a big difference to my business. Firstly, the data it gives me has been eye-opening. I now feel empowered making every day and long-term decisions.

But the biggest benefit we’ve all noticed is that it fits the needs of electronics retailers, rather than having to fit the business around the POS.  Everything from the service tabs and tracking to pricing and inventory. Not only does the system save us so much time setting up jobs, with a couple of clicks we can get all the information we need on customer jobs or the whole business.  And when my team is service focused and efficient, everyone’s happy. “