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Fashion Point-of-Sale solution

Paul started his surf fashion business selling his designs online from home, before deciding to open a retail store in 2015. He now has three stores in shopping precincts in NSW and Queensland.

The POS problem

Paul says, “The business grew quickly, so we opened the shops in quick succession.  I learnt how difficult stock management could be when you have several stores, let alone just one.

Plus, bringing on extra staff meant we had to get people trained quickly in their back office and admin duties so they could be on the floor helping customers.

The old POS system we were using was very limiting and frustrating. It would often go down mid-transaction, and it didn’t give me or my staff the insight we needed to run the business properly.”


The POS requirement

Paul came to POSable looking for a more powerful, reliable and complete POS solution that could match his expansion, without incurring extra costs as they grew.

He also needed a system that could:

  • provide instant access to real-time data for all the stores
  • monitor stock accurately across all locations
  • help him and his managers understand the strengths and weaknesses of the business
  • help floor staff provide better service and close more sales
  • make payments quickly and simply.


The POSable solution

innitglobal’s all-in-one Point of Sale (POS) system was exactly the solution that Paul was looking for as it accurately automates so many important and time-consuming jobs that need to be done in fashion retailing.

Plus, being a cloud-based, mobile product, he and his team can now:

  • accept more payment methods– from cash to credit cards to Apple Money and more.
  • take payments anywhere in-store, find information on items, locate them, find alternatives, even in different stores, quickly manage discounts, returns/exchanges and more.


  • check and order stock from the floor while talking to customers, instead of abandoning them while they check out back or call another store
  • access real-time reports to analyse sales, products and see staff performances to reward them or provide training where it’s needed.
  • create marketing promotions and recognise and reward customers with personalised offers and gift cards
  • keep selling when the internet goes down through the mobile device offline capability
  • get new staff up and running quickly using the simple, intuitive interface.


“POSable has been such a fantastic tool for our business. Not just in terms of improving stock accuracy, customer service and sales numbers.  In a few clicks, I get live, accurate, crucial information on how we’re really performing, whether I’m at one of the stores or a trade show in another country.  It takes so much of the guess work out of a lot of the decisions we make and as a business owner, that helps me sleep a lot better at night.”