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POS Case Study – Freya St Fashions

After several years working in her mother’s bridal gown store helping brides find their dream dress, Briony flew the nest to open her own women’s fashion store, Freya St Fashions. The store is located in Kareela in Sydney’s South and she also has an online store

Two years on, Briony has three staff, and a loyal, fast-growing customer base who enjoy the uniquely personalised service they receive – and are always excited to hear about the latest range of casual wear for special occasions.

The POS problem

Briony says, “The POS system we had originally also included a lot of useful features beyond taking payments.  The problem was, you couldn’t customise anything and it wasn’t compatible with other systems.

For a small business like mine, we need to be able to do things like link customer details to my email service and send out newsletters. We can’t afford to do a lot of general advertising so keeping in contact with our customers is very important.

The biggest issue wasn’t even that they didn’t offer many of the customisations I wanted. It was that they had no interest in being flexible or working together to come up with solutions that could help not just me, but other retailers.

What you saw was what you got. For the price I was paying per month, it just wasn’t worth it. So, we went back to manual receipts even though it took up a lot of time.”

The POS requirement

Briony needed a flexible business and sales management POS system that would allow her to:

  • manage customer information
  • access reports anywhere and anytime
  • have the flexibility to input and define prices at any time
  • try different marketing tactics, offer laybys and gift vouchers
  • customise services when she needs them
  • monitor and order stock accurately for her store and website
  • access detailed, up-to-the-second reports for multiple stores
  • accept many different types of payments in store and online


The POSable solution

Our all-in-one Point of Sale (POS) system and customer service care was what Briony had been searching for to help her manage and grow her business instore and online:


  • The ability to customise features for her unique business and promotional needs
  • A POS provider that responds fast, listens and works with her to find the best solutions
  • Compatibility with her website, email marketing service and other systems
  • Setting up and managing stock levels for instore and online
  • Empowering staff to instantly access customer details and history and notes to provide better informed service.
  • Transacting fast, even when the internet goes down
  • Accepting multiple payments securely


  • Accessing reports on sales figures, stock, margins, staff performance and much more



“POSable was exactly the kind of POS business partner I was hoping to find, but didn’t think existed.  The system has great features that they’re always improving and adding to. And the team are very open to my feedback and input into ways to make the system even better.

They’ve shown me that they really want to make their product the POS system for business.

Probably the thing that’s impressed me most is the service. From the first time they came out in person to demonstrate POSable, they’ve taken the time to listen and find out what my needs were. And if there are ever any issues, they’re quick to respond, listen and fix them.

They really do care about their customers and that’s such a rare quality in business today”