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A Jewellery Business User Story

Andre fell in love with jewellery while working in the school holidays at his grandfather’s store in Florence. Almost forty years later he has two stores of his own, in Sydney’s CBD and West, employing seven other passionate jewellery aficionados.

Andre and his team design, sell and buy new and vintage pieces, as well as clean, engrave and repair both jewellery and watches.

The POS problem

Andre says, “While we are busy with many new and repeat clients, jewellery isn’t so much about spontaneous decisions. People often need to feel comfortable and connected with a piece of jewellery first.

So, for a business like mine, taking the payment isn’t the most challenging part. We deal in commodities like gold and diamonds, so prices change every day. We need to be able to determine a price at the time of sale in the system, or we have no accurate idea where we stand financially.

Another reason I needed a better POS was because we had no easy way of keeping and updating details of different services for customers in one place. It was hard on my staff and didn’t make us look very professional at times.

Then when I opened the second store, it just got too hard to manage stock and staff or get reports on sales. Doing everything manually took many hours each week and I could never be sure the information was accurate.”

The POS requirement

Andre was looking for more than just a POS system. He needed a business and sales management system that would allow him to:

  • have the flexibility to define prices at the time of sale
  • exclude the GST amount from the product price on the Customer receipt
  • add different surcharges as Wastage, Wages and other (i.e. a type of stone) to the receipt
  • open different service tabs – sell, buy repair, cleaning, engraving – under one easy-to-follow client account
  • monitor and order stock accurately from anywhere in the store
  • access detailed, up-to-the-second reports for multiple stores
  • accept many different types of payments simply

Improving on-floor sales assistant service

A mobile, cloud-based POS such as POSable can help your staff in so many areas of face-to-face service. It allows them to find and share details on items with a customer or suggest alternatives – even find the same or similar electronics in your other stores, if that applies.

They can also process payments anywhere in the store on their iPad, smartphone or other mobile device.

The POSable solution

Our cloud-based Point of Sale (POS) system has provided enormous value to Andre through:

  • The Prompt for Price feature – to cater for time of sale price input allowing for daily rate of stones and metals such as gold and diamonds, as well as additional labour costs, etc.
  • Customers have the option to choose if they ‘d prefer their prices (e.g. Gold price) on receipt GST Incl or Excl;
  • Enter an alias (label) for different surcharges, also allowing staff to enter the Surcharge amount for all products excluding or including GST
  • Adding and printing sales notes either to a sale item or to the whole invoice.
  • A huge range of fields in service jobs, such as who, when and what was dropped off, who will pick up, cost estimates, hourly fees for labour, etc
  • Setting up and managing promotions for all stores from one mobile device
  • Capturing warranty information and validating when products are brought in for repair.
  • Empowering staff in both stores to instantly access customer history, previously quoted costs, account information and notes to provide better informed service.
  • Manage warranties and repairs with a one click link to the customer’s record and original sale.
  • Transacting fast, even when the internet goes down
  • Accessing reports on sales figures, stock, margins, staff performance and much more
  • Getting new staff up and running quickly using the simple, intuitive interface


“It’s not easy for someone who’s been around as long as me to change his ways, but I’m so glad I took my friends recommendation about POSable.

We have much more control of pricing and customer job information. Before it was hard to even know what we sold last week, let alone last year. Now I can see sales by item, staff performances and know exactly where the money is coming in at both stores and what we need to focus on.

The POSable people made the transition very easy and the product really does make doing business easier. If he’s looking down, I think even my old Nonno would approve”

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