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POS Case Study – Tisa Jewellers

From childhood, Rajib Shakyas grew up in a family of jewellers in Kathmandu, Nepal. Years later, after moving to Australia, Mr Shayas and his wife, Mrs. Puja KC, opened their online business, Tisa Jewellers in 2016.

The business has grown quickly as they focused a lot of attention on a niche market – selling 22-24 carat necklaces, diamond rings and other high quality jewellery for special occasions, such as weddings and events.

Late in 2017, they decided to move the business to a store in Parramatta.  From here they are able to cater to the growing demand for their jewellery, and provide a more personal service to customers who like to try their pieces on before buying.

The POS problem

Mrs Puja KC says, “In the online business we did everything via PayPal through our website. When we opened the store we needed something that would work in a face-to-face customer service and sales environment.

Plus, buying and selling jewellery is a little different to buying and selling many other goods. People often look and try on several items, and the price of high quality gold fluctuates daily.”
The POS requirement

The Shakyas needed a flexible, affordable POS system that met the unique needs of jewellery stores.

  • Accept different types of payments simply
  • Include more than one price on a quote
  • Define prices at the time of quote and sale
  • Monitor inventory accurately
  • Access reports to better manage the business
  • Access to excellent customer support when they need it
  • Get value for their money
  • Have access to others features at no extra cost as they need them


The POSable solution

After doing research and comparisons with several POS prior to opening the store, Mrs Puja KC found our all-in-one POS product best suited to their needs:

  • Transacting fast, even when the internet goes down
  • Accepting card and cash payments securely

Prompt for Price feature – to cater for time of sale price input allowing for daily fluctuating prices in the rate of gold, diamonds and others metals and precious stones.