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After being made redundant from a large fashion and design company when it closed down, Tracey decided she didn’t want to work for other people anymore.

Using her contacts and experience she banded with overseas factories to cut out the middlemen and create her own label, Willow & Jag.

The business caters to an untapped niche – stylish, high-quality clothing, shoes and accessories at a low price.  Starting out as a popup shop, Willow & Jag is now a boutique store located in a Westfield Centre in Melbourne.

The POS problem

Tracey says, “When I started the business, we never had a POS. Everything was recorded by hand. Plus, stocktaking was a nightmare because I had to go through lists to work out what to restock. It meant hours of extra work, plus you’re at risk of making errors.

I never really considered a POS early on because I didn’t know all the things they could do. And to be honest, it was just a pop-up store at the time. I never had such grand plans, but here we. If I’d known about POSable sooner I would have done it and made things a lot easier.”

The POS requirement

Tracey needed a flexible, affordable POS system that would allow her to:

  • automatically synchronise with her website platform at no extra cost
  • access reports, anywhere and anytime
  • monitor and order stock accurately
  • manage customer information
  • manage stock
  • accept many different types of payments
  • have local, knowledgeable help and support whenever she needs it


The POSable solution

To help her grow her business in a busy Westfield mall environment Tracey chose POSable because it offered the features, technology, affordability and support that she needed:

  • Compatible with her Magento website without any costs to integrate
  • Compatibility with other systems
  • Smart and customisable category and product levels for sizes, colours, styles etc
  • A POS designed to grow as her business and needs grow
  • A POS provider that responds fast, listens and works with her to find the best solutions
  • Setting up and managing stock levels from anywhere, anytime
  • Transacting fast, even when the internet goes down
  • Accepting multiple payments securely
  • Accessing reports on sales figures, stock, margins, staff performance and much more
  • Much more than a cash register – inventory and sales tracking, loyalty programs, marketing campaigns, gift vouchers

“Until I was shown POSable, I never realised how beneficial a POS could be to my business.

The thing I really like is that it isn’t designed just for fashion. It has plenty of fashion-specific features, but it also has really useful tools that different industries use. So, you can customise it exactly as you need it rather than being stuck with a one-size fits all.

I also found it far more affordable than any other compatible POS I looked at.

Customer service is always available to help me too. When you’re trying to keep a business running and serve customers, that’s crucial.  There hasn’t been an issue that they haven’t been able to sort out.

The people are down to earth and you just get the feeling they want to work for you.”