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Electronics Hi-Fi

With a wide selection of functions on offer, POSable is ideal for selling electronics such as mobile phones, computers, game consoles, MP3 players and so much more!

Here are just a few of the many features you can expect with POSable POS solutions

• Save money

one software does all this so you only pay for one

• Save time

the only software your staff will have to learn as it manages every part of your business from register and invoicing to inventory and back office

• Easy to Use

easily set up discount & sale pricing rules or special promotions

Serial Number

With POSable latest electronic store POS solutions your staff can assign and track the serial numbers of all your electronics goods to:

• Identify every product sold
• Manage and order inventory
• Know what new stock has been ordered, but hasn’t arrived
• Check existing orders
• Track schedules

POS Solutions Pricing

We passionately believe in providing industry leading business software and ensuring our customers receive market leading pricing. With an impressive choice of all-inclusive pricing plans, your Electronics store will have all the modules you’ll require at an amazingly affordable price.

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Tablet & Mobile

With an increase in the number of organisations employing tablets across all areas of their business operations, we have ensured our POS solutions aligns with this. With POSable you will enjoy the convenience of easy downloading and functionality on any Tablet/software device.

Offline Capacity

With POSable POS software in your Electronic store, you’ll enjoy full functionality regardless of your Internet connection. So if the Internet connection fails our customers are able to continue to accurately record sales data locally until they are back online. Read more

POSable Team

With our team of industry professionals working together to create and continuously develop this platform, we are committed to serving you with an intuitive and user friendly cloud based business platform for all your business management needs.

At POSable, our passion is to enable every business to accomplish success with the finest quality software and systems.

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