Best POS Software Dashboard

POSable probably has one of the best POS software dashboards in Australia which displays your most important business information in a simple, easy to understand visual format, which is accessible through any browser on any computer. All the charts and graphs can be shown on one screen.

The POSable POS software dashboard shows you a summary of your business performance indicators including:

  • Total sales number
  • Total customers number
  • Total sales for last month number
  • Sales over last year – graph
  • Top selling products- Last month – bar chart
  • Top selling stores – Last month – pie chart
  • Pricing rules table

…and much more

POSable lets you add or remove your key metrics, change the graphical display and configure permissions to allow different shops and staff to view the data.

Our POS system dashboard is designed in a way to break down your business data into a very digestible bite size chunks of numbers to help you:

  • Take the guesswork out of your business
  • Keep all your sales channels figures at your fingertips
  • Access your business data on the go, from your iPad or tablet

Like to see the POSable App in action?

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