Loyalty Program and Promotional Vouchers

Engage your customers! Personalise offers and create special deals.

Getting customers in your stores is only half the battle; give your customers more reasons to keep coming back more often.

POSable reward system works perfectly in sync with your marketing and promotional tools giving you all the flexibility you
need to run a loyalty programs and reward your patrons for their loyalty.

Loyalty points can be awarded

Loyalty points can be awarded

  • Real-time on customer transactions; the loyalty balance
    will be instantly updated at the customer profile.
  • Fully automated; eliminating any human error and keeping the administration time to a minimum. Just switch it on and every qualifying purchase earns loyalty. New customers are automatically added into the program.

Know your most loyal customers!

Run a report or quickly see your top customers on your POS
system back-end dashboard. Your staff can view a customer’s
loyalty balance right at the POS till as well.

Reward your higher spenders with vouchers.

Target your customers based on the number of points they have earned
in their loyalty account and create rewards that works for your business, whether it’s a %off or $ off

Vouchers allow a discount to be redeemed later, online or at store on the customer next purchase. They can be stored and issued with an expiration date after issuance. They are trackable and cannot be duplicated.

Gift Cards

Attract new customers and enrich your customer experience with your own branded gift cards

Track, activate/deactivate the cards.The value of the gift card is 100% under your control and POSable is not charging any management or any other hidden cost.

To find out how POSable Loyalty program can work for your business, contact us on 1300 88 00 48