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Mobile POS System Australia

POSable mobile POS System allows you to take orders and payment on the move.

Download the POSable mobile application from the Apple Store or Google Play to any iPad, Tablet/mobile devices to enjoy state of the art technology with the ultimate of convenience

Enhance your customer experience and improve the on-floor sales assistant services with POSable mobile POS system. Your staff can:

  • find information, search stock, take order and payment anywhere in-store
  • quickly manage discounts, returns/exchanges and more

Manage from anywhere, even offline

Even if the power goes down in your business, shopping mall etc, your staff can process sales through mobile devices.

You can’t avoid occasional power failures and internet crashes. And for retailers and hospitality businesses that’s as impactful as being closed. Unless you have a mobile POS system.

  • The new cloud based POS system like POSable work offline so you can do business and process payments even without the internet
  • Sell when other businesses are out of action, most POS solutions won’t work if the internet is down
  • Browsing customers aren’t going to wait around until your POS system is reconnected to the internet
  • Sell and the sync back when your connection is restored

POSable Mobile POS System Usage Options

  1. Mobile Only_ iPad, Tablets or other mobile devices carried by sales staff
  2. Stationary Only_ iPad or Tablets are locked on stands at fixed locations
  3. Mobile and Stationary_ iPads and Tablets are used on detachable and portable stands

Which usage options is best suited for your business?

If you are a small retailer or an outdoor cafe you may prefer the Mobile Only option with a credit card swipe physically attached to your device; However, if you are a large restaurant and you want your staff to take orders both on the move and at the register, Mobile and Stationary might be a better deployment.

To find out more and discuss the available usage options contact us on 1300 88 00 48 or at