Off–line Compatibility & No Internet Features

The convenience of the Internet is something we have all become reliant on. Whether it be for personal use or business needs, we all dread the day our connection may suddenly drop out.

At POSable, we are proud to offer our clients a platform that doesn’t rely on having a reliable 24/7 Internet connection. With our Off-line capacity, our business platform can continue to make sales after your Internet connection has gone down.

When it comes to getting back online, we guarantee complete access to all transactions made offline. With the ability to be saved locally and in the cloud, our off- line compatibility feature enables sales data to update locally, which is then uploaded to the Cloud automatically when your connection is restored.

No matter how reliable your Internet connection is, we believe every business needs confidence that their data is being saved and they can continue to trade irrespective of the status of their Internet connection. With POSable’s off-line capacity, that’s exactly what you get!

With the confidence you obtain by having an off-line capacity, our customers get more time to focus on making their business the best it can be.

When deciding to join our community of users, enjoy having the ability to easily download our software onto the iOS platforms (iPad devices) of your choice .

No longer rely on having 24/7 access to the Internet.

To find out more please contact us on 1300 88 00 48