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POS with scale integration

Weigh products and automatically have all the details collected by your smart POS ready for payment

Make a measurable difference to your business

For many businesses, closing sales relies on measuring and recording product weight – be it supermarkets or lolly shops, wholesalers or garden centres. Having one fast, simple and 100% accurate integrated POS and scale system can make a big difference to your service levels and sales.
POSable scale integration automatically links every step in the weight and pay process together to instantly boost your efficiency, profits and customer confidence at the point-of-sale.

Pound-for-pound the best POS scales solution for your business

Our cost-effective all-in-one POS system scale integration software was designed and built on the backbone of research and feedback from our existing customers and hundreds of other businesses across the Australian retail and wholesale market.

Some of the benefits include:

Connect instantly 
If you already have a Cas PD-II scale, there is no need for a new scale. Wirelessly connect and communicate with your scale quickly and accurately.

Streamline the sales and reporting process
Allows you to weigh products as you sell and send the data directly to your POS system for transaction receipts, reports, and more.

Fast, pinpoint accurate and compliant
Know you can rely on our scales integration for quick, hassle-free and accurate selling – and meet all relevant National Measurement Institute compliance requirements.

Save time and eliminate human error
Serve more customers by removing the need for splitting, pre-packing stock and double-typing prices at the counter which all waste valuable time while increasing the risk of costly mistakes.

Build immediate customer trust and confidence
The display screen on the POS system allows shoppers to see the weight plus other transactional data as it’s entered. This gives your customers peace of mind and protects you against employee fraud.

Plus, all the regular benefits of our all-in-one POS system

Get paid in more ways – quickly and easily
Accept card, cash and mobile payments securely, including split payments, tips, tab management and online.

Manage and monitor inventory
Stock management is so easy with POSable on a lightweight mobile device. Check and order from suppliers or other stores while you’re on the floor, out the back or across the planet.

Trade when the internet goes down
Even if your internet connection drops out you can process sales. All the information will be stored, then uploaded when you’re back online.

Train anyone to use it – fast
POSable is quick to set up, so easy for even the least technically inclined staff member to learn.

Manage staff more effectively
Check timesheets and get real time updates on sales performances so you can reward great efforts or provide training where it’s needed.

Access live reports from anywhere
Check your numbers at work, home or on the road to identify best and worst performing hours and products, measure sales strategies and reduce the risk of shrinkage.

Take advantage of the cloud
POSable is a cloud-based POS so your information is backed up online to the cloud – so you can access it in real-time from anywhere in the world at any hour.

Keep private information safe
Everything is secured and you control staff access levels with allocated passwords or pin numbers.

Count on an Australian support team
No poorly trained overseas call centre staff to deal with. The POSable team are Australian-based, know your industry and market, and are available 365 days a year.

Save money
Available at a subscription price with little to no upfront costs. POS Software updates are automatic so less IT expert help needed. Management console will be accessed by a web browser so no need to invest in expensive equipment.

Who is POSable’s POS system scale integration for?

All types businesses that weight products and use scales to sell such as:

  • supermarkets
  • grocery stores
  • lolly stores
  • butchers and seafood stores
  • delicatessens
  • health food stores
  • food wholesalers
  • garden stores

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