POSable Advanced Reporting Feature

Gain deeper valuable business insights and Identify the growth opportunities!

POSable smart reports help you understand and manage your business more effectively from anywhere, 24/7

  • Keep an eye on your daily online and offline transactions
  • Identify best performing hours, products and more
  • Set-up and measure new sales strategies
  • Cut strategies that aren’t working, based on facts
  • Track stock movement errors and reduce the risk of shrinkage
  • See staff performances so you can reward them or provide training where it’s needed
  • Export your reports to CSV, or PDF files

Sales Reports

Sales by SKU, Sales by Category/Product Type/ Variants, Total Monthly Sales, Total Monthly Profit, Store performance comparing, Sales by Store, Sales by Shipping method, Voucher usage, Sales by Staff, Online sales report

Stock Management

Breakdown of the sales performance by SKU/type includes estimated re-order quantities based on supplier lead time and qty sold in given date range

Inventory Analysis

Breakdown of stock allocation by SKU includes quantity by warehouse, quantity committed, quantity kitted and incoming quantity

Accounting reports

Returns, outstanding accounts, Refunds & credit summary and much more

Customer reports

Sales by customer group, Sales by order/customer, track gift card balances, loyalty rewards reports, and much more

Staff Reports

How many and which transactions by whom within a time frame

Invoice Report

Filtered by customer, by invoice number, date range . Plus ability to drill down to see the specific items on that invoice

Special reports

If you require any customised reports please contact us on 1300 88 00 48 or sales@posable.com.au