POSable iPad POS system

The smarter, easier Point-of-Sale for busy, growing businesses

Manage, understand and build your business with help from the ultimate POS system on an iPad.

Do you own or run a retail store, café, restaurant, hotel or any other business that looks after customers face-to-face?

If so, you know that good service, systems and information can be the difference between:

  • a delighted client and an unhappy one
  • a successful promotion and a fizzer
  • stock flying out the door or sitting on the shelf
  • a well-run profitable show and loss-making chaos.

But you also know how difficult it is to try and juggle time-consuming admin work with the business of servicing customers and making money.

And hiring admin staff to do it for you just isn’t viable.

The iPad POS solution that can help you with everything

With a POSable iPad POS you get all the tools, features and real-time information you and your staff need to ensure your business runs smoothly and prospers in a competitive industry.

Whether you have one location or more, everything is at the tips of your fingers – anywhere, anytime.

Provide fantastic customer service

With POSable connected iPads in their hands, your staff can helping customers on the floor – whether they’re matching food with wine, shirts with pants or fridges with freezers.

Get paid in more ways – quickly and easily

Accept card, cash and mobile payments securely, including split payments, tips, lay-by, tab management and online.

Take advantage of the cloud

POSable is a cloud-based POS so your information is backed up online to the cloud – this means you can access it in real-time from anywhere in the world at any hour.

Work on any device

Because POSable works through the internet, you can use it immediately on any new or existing iPads (as well as Androids, Macs, PC and more).

Manage and monitor inventory

Stock management is so easy with POSable on a lightweight iPad. Check and order from suppliers or other stores while you’re on the floor, out the back or across the planet.

Trade when the internet goes down

Even if your internet connection drops out you can process sales through your iPad. All the information will be stored, then uploaded when you’re back online.

Train anyone to use it – fast

POSable is quick to set up, so easy for even the least technically inclined staff member to learn and fits perfectly on an iPad.

Manage staff more effectively

Check time sheets and get real time updates on sales performances so you can reward great efforts or provide training where it’s needed.

Access live reports from anywhere

Check your numbers at work, home or on the road to identify best and worst performing hours and products, measure sales strategies and reduce the risks of shrinkage.

Take your business online

Staff can take orders online and instantly send details to your kitchen, other stores and more. Or embrace the e-revolution and let customers order through your website.

Keep private information safe

All data kept on the iPad or other devices is secured within the cloud-based POS system and you control staff access levels with allocated passwords or pin numbers.

Count on an Australian support team

No poorly trained overseas call centre staff to deal with. The POSable team are Australian-based, know your industry and market, and are available 365 days a year.

Like to see POSable in action on an iPad?

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