A POS App for your entire business

Sell, manage, analyse and grow on every device with POSable

Get the all-in-one, cloud based POS App that makes it easy for you and your staff to sell in-store, online or on-the-go.

Our feature-packed POS App not only looks after your payments, but many of your admin duties too. So you and your staff can spend more time delighting and selling to customers.

POSable POS system front-end features include:

  • Spilt pay
  • On account and lay-by sales functionality
  • Reverse sale
  • Suspended sales
  • Customer quotation, previous quotation
  • Loyalty points and voucher redeem
  • Receipt options, reprint EFTPOS receipt
  • Add new customers
  • Send invoices
  • Service tab
  • Sale history
  • Setting- Add printer, scanner
  • Stock alert, when quantity of products in sale is greater than stock on hand

Simple, intuitive POS App power at your fingertips

User friendly and easy to use

POSable is simple for anyone in your business to learn and master – even if they’ve never heard of an App, let alone used one.

Quick and easy to find everything

Within a few taps or clicks from anywhere in the App you can do it all – take orders, check stock, close sales, change prices, get reports and more.

Runs on all your devices

POSable works via the Internet on the cloud, so you can download and access the App instantly on compatible iPad , Androids, Macs, laptops, PCs and more.

Works offline too

Even if your Internet connection drops out you can process sales through your POSable App. All the information will be stored and then uploaded when you’re back online.

Plays nicely with all technology

For the few jobs POSable can’t do, it will integrate perfectly with all leading existing accounting, E-Commerce, payments & marketing Apps and software.

Keeps everything secure

Everything on the App is secured within the cloud based system and you control staff access levels with allocated passwords or pin numbers.

Comes with local expert support

You can call us 365 days a year (even more in a leap year) and hear a friendly Australian voice on the other end of the line.

Make POSable part of your team and:

  • Accept all kinds of payments including split bills tips, layby, online
  • Manage, track and order inventory
  • Get reports in real time on sales, staff, promotions
  • Set up and run marketing promotions and loyalty programs
  • Access your POS software from anywhere, at any hour of the day

Like to see the POSable App in action?

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