POS Retail Software Australia

How should an advanced POS Retail Software help?

If you’re opening a retail shop or E-Commerce store, or already have one or more established businesses, a comprehensive POS retail software can be a big advantage.

Depending on the type of business you’re running, and your unique circumstances, you’ll have different priorities and needs. Here are some of the most common and powerful ways POSable Retail POS system can help retailers.

Empower in-store sales assistants

  • Able to carry your retail Point of Sale system on an iPad, smartphone etc
  • Instantly provide information to customers
  • Close sales and take payments on the floor

Check and order stock from the floor

  • Staff can stay with customers on the floor
  • Service on the phone or live chat if your business is online
  • See item sizes, colour and alternatives out the back of the store
  • Check different stores or order from suppliers

Run promotions and track sales

  • Set up pricing rules and discounts on your POS retail software back-end
  • Monitor their performance in real-time
  • Dramatically boost your ROI

Control and manage E-Commerce with ease

  • Built-in e-commerce option at no extra cost
  • Integrate with your existing e-commerce system, if required
  • Track offline and online sales together and separately
  • Reduce inventory automatically
  • Control everything from one Retail POS system

Adapt to every business size

  • Single store or venue
  • Multiple venues across a city, state or country
  • E-Commerce site
  • International franchise

Take all types of payments securely

  • Cash, credit card, cheques and mobile payments
  • In person, phone and online payments

Allow you to trade when the internet goes down

  • Works even if your internet connection drops out
  • Process downtime sales through mobile devices
  • Stores information for all transactions made while offline

Your POS retail software helps you manage the entire business

  • Add unlimited number of products, customers and users
  • Manage multiple stores and registers
  • Access prices, discounts and stock levels

Contact us today and let our team of industry professionals guide you in selecting the best plan for your business.