Cafés Point Of Sale Systems

Richard and Sarah run a bustling cafe in a suburban Sydney business precinct where they serve hundreds of customers each day. It’s a popular stop for bleary eyed local workers in the morning and as a lunch venue for locals who enjoy the vibrant atmosphere.

Cafe Point-of-Sale Systems Challenges

Sarah says, “In our industry the one thing that matters even more than great coffee is great customer service.  Especially when you’re serving a lot of busy people on their way to work. A big part of that experience is speedy service, fast payments and always having the products they want.

Our old point of sale system was so slow and it was really having a negative impact as we became busier. Customers were getting impatient and serving and kitchen staff were feeling under constant pressure.

Plus, we were all so busy we never had a good grasp of stock levels, so we’d either sell out of popular items or order too many of something else.”

Café requirement

Richard and Sarah came to POSable looking for a modern, yet affordable café Point of Sale system that would allow them to:

  • deliver better and faster customer service
  • transact payments more accurately and smoothly
  • manage stock easily in real time
  • get reports that help them better serve, manage and save money
  • turn over more tables and ring up more sales.
  • keep costs low without affecting business.

The POSable solution

The POSable cloud-based mobile café Point of Sale system has provided enormous value to Richard and Sarah’s busy café by:

  • transacting fast, even when the internet goes down through the mobile device offline capability
  • accept card, cash and mobile payments securely, including split payments, tips, promotional pricing and more
  • sending orders directly to the kitchen so staff could spend more time with customers, speed up orders and ensur they are correct
  • accessing reports on sales figures, stock, margins, staff performance and much more
  • seeing live stock data to ensure best-selling items are always stocked up, adapt the menu as required, reduce unnecessary outgoings etc
  • get new staff up and running quickly using the simple, intuitive interface
  • using the POS system on iPads, tablets, Windows based computers and laptops from anywhere, replacing their clunky cash registers and out-of-date POS systems.

“I really recommend POSable hospitality POS system to any café or hospitality business that wants to take the stress and hassle out of customer service, taking payments, stock control and managing staff. We‘re serving customers about 20% faster even at peak times, so we can cope with a higher volume of eat in and take away orders. And, we can keep on top of stock without spending hours doing stock takes after we’re closed. So we’re all happier and our customers are happier too.”