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Supercharge your Hospitality Point-Of-Sale

Find out how our simple, powerful and affordable all-in-one hospitality point of sale system will boost the profits of your bar, café, club, hotel or restaurant operation.

Looking for a smart, stress-free hospitality Point-Of-Sale that frees you up to focus on what you do best – treat customers to mouthwatering food and drinks?

POSable includes everything bars, cafés, clubs, hotels and restaurants need to provide remarkable service, understand their business and make more money.

Provide more efficient, faster service

Whether it’s tableside, barside or at the counter, taking orders has never been quicker, simpler or more accurate than with POSable on iPads, tablets, smartphones or other mobile devices

  • Orders are sent directly to the kitchen or bar
  • Kitchen display systems empower chefs
  • Staff don’t need to wait for an open terminal
  • Eliminates ordering mistakes
  • Cut down on the time it takes for customers to get their orders
  • Queue busting function to move orders around
  • Options management
  • Label printing with options, ingredients on cup, tick boxes, etc

Take any type of payment

Our bar, restaurant and café Point-of-Sale systems mean payment time never interrupts a customer’s good time.

  • Accept card, cash and mobile payments securely
  • Easily split or combine bills
  • Tip on-screen or off, before, during or after payment
  • Add tips, happy hour pricing and more

Use tab management to:

Get real-time insights to help you serve, manage and profit

POSable hospitality POS system works through the cloud, so you can check your numbers at work, home or on the road to identify what’s working and where to improve

  • Manage staff scheduling reports
  • Monitor sales numbers and performance
  • Track shrinkage and wastage

Manage menu items, tills and times

  • Use smart promotions and menu scheduling to simplify ordering
  • Printer grouping as a menu docket
  • Till groupingoption to limit menus or categories to tills e.g. happy hour menu at the bar POS, full menu on all restaurant POS stations.
  • Time slot time limit categories are displayed for e.g. breakfast- not shown at dinner, a certain menu at this till from this time to that time.

Set up, fully customise and monitor your table layout

  • Table layout, manage and merge tables, areas
  • Bar tabs
  • Send orders
  • Table Timerssee the state and progress of tables through colour coding
  • Table Summary Window to see status e.g. order total, paid, employee who opened order, seat count, time since seated, customer notes.

Stress-free stock management

  • Track items from supplier to customer
  • Run your shift without worrying about margins

Create long-term customer loyalty

  • Give customers more reasons to keep returning
  • Personalise offers and create special deals for customer groups
  • Look up a customer’s sales history

Keep private information safe

  • Secured within a cloud based hospitality point of sale
  • Ability to control staff access levels
  • Unique passwords or pin numbers

Train anyone to use it – fast

  • Quick to setup and learn
  • Simple to train new staff
  • All works with a few touches on a screen

Save money

  • Available at a subscription price with little to no upfront costs
  • Software updates are automatic so less IT expert help needed
  • Mobile devices are cheaper than fixed POS terminals
  • Accessed by a web browser so no need to invest in expensive equipment

Who is POSable’s hospitality Point-of-Sale system ideal for?

All types of food, beverage and hospitality businesses including:

Like a free demo of our hospitality point of sale system?

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