POSable Point of Sale systems for restaurants of all types

Hospitality is a very competitive industry. POSable is your recipe for success.

POSable cloud based point of sale systems for restaurants provide a great environment for your staff, an exceptional service for your customers and allow you to:

  • Book, manage and merge tables, areas
  • Menu creation and breakdown, courses, meals, categories, dine in/take away
  • Send orders directly to the kitchen or bar
  • Split payment, add tips, happy hour pricing and more
  • Monitor sales numbers and staff performance
  • Group your tills and printers; you have the option to limit menus or categories to specific tills or send out receipts to specific printers
  • Personalise offers and create special deals for customer groups
  • Control staff access levels using unique passwords or pin numbers
  • Send orders to the kitchen display and printer
  • Integrate the customer display

POSable is a robust POS software for all types of food service businesses, including restaurants, cafés, bars, pubs, takeaways, fine dining, and catering businessess.

POSable Point of Sale systems for restaurants resides in the cloud, and can be accessed from multiple devices including iPad, Windows based Tablet/ Laptop/ PC

We evolve with your business for one all-inclusive price

POSable Point of Sale system designed to grow with you. POSable is evolving constantly based on the feedback we receive from our valued customers and some of the features are still evolving and undergoing further development; however with our all-inclusive pricing you only pay for one software at our low price per license and have access to everything instantly, our existing and future features; just switch on and off the ones you require as you need them.

We support your business

We passionately believe in the importance of offering the highest quality in both our business platform and our customer service.

Our Australian based specialists are always available to provide you with premium support 365 days of the year.