Restaurant Point-of-Sale Systems

The all-in-one Point of Sale systems taking care of business for Australia’s restaurant, bar,  cafe and hospitality industry

  • Increase sales
  • Improve your service
  • Take payments faster
  • Reduce costs
  • Know exactly how your business is tracking

Whether you’re a restaurateur, café owner, food and beverage retailer or run any other hospitality business, the point-of-sale system you use today needs to offer much more than just transaction help.

POSable’s affordable restaurant Point-Of-Sale systems assist you in every area crucial to success – from making more money and delivering great customer experiences to taking the guess work out of business decisions.

Top features of our hospitality Point-of-Sale solutions

POSable hospitality Point-Of-Sale systems for restaurants, cafés and other hospitality businesses can be customised through dozens of features included in your one low price. Here are some of the most popular:

Mobile tableside service

Using handheld devices, staff can take customer orders that are sent directly to the kitchen or bar.

Upsell prompts

Ensure your staff don’t miss opportunities to ask if customers “would like fries with that” by adding suggestions to certain items in the system.

Easy, flexible transactions

Improve customer experience and staff efficiencies by splitting payments at tables, adding tips, including happy hour pricing and more.

Kitchen display

Send orders directly to the kitchen system to speed up orders, ensure they come out correctly and give floor staff more time to focus on customer service.

Staff performance reports

Be sure how your restaurant floor is being managed, allocate people to busier areas, evenly manage table turnover and create incentives based on performance.

Real time on sales and promotions

Check your numbers at work, home or on the road to identify best and worst performing hours and products, measure promotional strategies.

Menu management

Ensure your food and beverage creations get the attention they deserve. Add, clone, and organise menu items, send orders to kitchen printers and kitchen displays by courses, category, till group or time slot.

Table management and monitoring

Including table timers and status to see the state and progress of tables through colour coding, order total, paid, employee who opened order, seat count, time since seated, customer notes and more

Inventory control

Know exactly what you have in stock, and automatically order what you need and what you don’t, so you don’t disappoint customers or throw away good money.

High level security

Everything is secured within the cloud-based point of sale system and you control staff access levels with allocated passwords or pin numbers.

Loyalty programs

Give customers more reasons to keep returning with personalised offers and special deals. Look up a customer’s sales history while in they are with you. Hugely popular in café point-of-sale systems.

Big benefits of our restaurant Point-of-Sale systems

Take all kinds of payments

Accept card, cash and mobile payments securely, in-store and online

Teach staff to use it quickly

POSable is designed for people who usually cringe at technology. Staff will learn to use it, and love what’s possible in no time.

Use on any device

POSable works through the internet so you can use it immediately on any new or existing iPad, Android, Macs, PC, etc

Count on an Australian support team

The POSable team are Australian-based, know the hospitality industry, and are available 365 days a year.

Adapt with your business size

If you expand your current location, add new ones or go online POSable is built to easily grow with you, or contract when in quieter times.

Save money

  • Available at a subscription price with little to no upfront costs
  • Software updates are automatic so less IT expert help needed
  • Mobile devices are cheaper than fixed POS terminals
  • Accessed by a web browser so no need to invest in expensive equipment

Who is POSable ideal for?

All types of food, beverage and hospitality businesses including:

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