Full service restaurant POS software

Smoothly run and manage your entire business from one cloud-based, mobile restaurant POS software

Managing and working in any service business has challenges – but few match those of restaurants, cafes and other face-to-face hospitality businesses.

That’s why you need a complete restaurant system within a cost-effective POS software. One that can instantly scale as your business does and integrate with other applications.

POSable – a great POS software for restaurants

At POSable, we make point-of-sale systems to meet the wide range of business needs within the food and beverage industry. Restaurant POS software that helps you:

  • clearly see and organise finances, processes and inventory
  • delight many customers at one time, often over several hours, who all expect impeccable food, beverages and service
  • transact and take payments in a multitude of ways
  • price for happy hour, discounts, tips, split payments and much more
  • manage every area of the business – menus, tables, kitchens and more.

And equip you with the tools and confidence to operate your business efficiently, create a great environment for staff and provide an exceptional customer experience – while reaping the financial benefits.

POS restaurant system key features

Cloud-based mobile restaurant POS software

  • on iPads, tablets, smartphones, computers from anywhere, replacing their clunky cash registers and out-of-date POS systems
  • send orders directly from tables to the kitchen
  • access reports on sales figures, stock, margins, staff performance from anywhere
  • transact fast, even when the internet goes down

Options management

  • Input different sauces, side options etc

Menu management

  • Menu creation and breakdown, courses, categories, dine in/take away
  • Printer grouping as a menu docket e.g. Kitchen printer just gets the meal order, bar printer the drinks order
  • Till grouping – option to limit menus or categories to tills on e.g. happy hour menu at the bar POS and the full menu on all restaurant POS stations.
  • Time slot – time limit categories are displayed for e.g. breakfast not shown at dinner, a certain menu at this till from this time to that time.

Table management

  • Table layout, manage and merge tables, areas
  • Bar tabs
  • Send orders
  • Table Timers – see the state and progress of tables through colour coding e.g. table taken and items ordered (light blue), table has reached the preset time for serving (red), etc
  • Table Summary Window to see status e.g. order total, paid, employee who opened order, seat count, time since seated, customer notes.

Kitchen management

  • Kitchen printer
  • Kitchen screen


  • Booking table – Date/time(Coming soon)


Integrate POS software with other apps and software (Coming soon)

  • Ecommerce ordering
  • Menulog App integration
  • Marketing4Restaurant App integration

Key benefits

Take all kinds of payments
Accept card, cash and mobile payments securely, including split payments, tips, happy hour and more.

Teach staff to use it quickly
POSable is designed for people who usually cringe at technology. Staff will learn to use it, and love what’s possible in no time.

Get reports in real time on sales, staff, promotions
Check your numbers at work, home or on the road to identify best and worst performing hours and products, measure promotional strategies.

Use on any device
POSable works through the internet so you can use it immediately on any new or existing iPad, Android, Macs, PC, etc

Save money

  • Available at a subscription price with little to no upfront costs
  • Software updates are automatic so less IT expert help needed
  • Mobile devices are cheaper than fixed POS terminals
  • Accessed by a web browser so no need to invest in expensive equipment

Who is POSable’s restaurant POS system ideal for?

POSable’s restaurant POS system is ideal for all types of food, beverage and hospitality businesses including:

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