Customer Relationship Management

Your existing customers are your most valuable assets!

Where do you store your customer data? How do you impress an existing customer and spark an ongoing relationship?

POSable built-in customer management features not only offer your customers convenient, fast and secure checkout , it helps you build your customer database, identify your best customers and keep them coming back; ensure that you are delivering a consistent and high-quality customer shopping experience.

With POSable you will be able to define and manage:

  • Customer profile (e.g. Name, Date of birth, Sex)
  • Customer contact information
  • Customer purchase history
  • Customer groups (e.g. VIP, Gold, Silver)
  • Trading terms
  • Earning and redeeming loyalty points
  • Mailing address and Shipping address
  • Issue store credit to your customers
  • Customer status (Active, On Hold, Inactive)
  • Import and export your customer list (from/to CSV file)
  • Customise reward structure for customer groups
  • Advanced customer reports and valuable customer insights

No more limited, fragmented and baffling information!

With our fully-integrated customer management and reward system you will be able to monitor and manage your customer information, their purchase history and loyalty points through a centralised cloud based POS solution in real time.

Stay in touch with your customers, understand, and improve their shopping experience

With POSable customer management features, you will be able to:

  • Recognise your customers consistently wherever they shop, in-store or online
  • Keep track of your customer preferences and shopping behaviours
  • Utilise the information to target your customers with more personalised marketing campaigns and improve their brand experience
  • Know your top customers and reward them with personalised promotional pricing, vouchers and own branded loyalty cards
  • Attract new customers and increase your sales with gift cards

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