Restaurants & Cafés & Takeaway POS

We completely understand the dynamic nature of your industry:

  • Your industry is fast paced and very competitive
  • High staff turnover is a major challenge affecting your workplace efficiency, productivity and cost structure

POSable provides you with a highly integrated complete point of sale solution at a very affordable price that aims to make the management of your business easier and more enjoyable.

POSable can equip you with the following features to run a prosperous restaurant or cafe business:

  • In-built E-Commerce solution and third party system support
  • Integrated with iPad, Windows based Tablet/ Laptop/ PC
  • Till and printer grouping
  • Scale integration
  • Email notifications (e.g. Low stock)
  • Xero accounting integration
  • Customer feedback (Coming soon)
  • Pay en-route(Coming soon)
  • Booking (Coming soon)
  • Delivery (Coming soon)
  • E-Commerce and ordering Apps Integration  (Coming soon)
  • …and so much more


We passionately believe in the importance of offering the highest quality in both our business platform and our customer service. Our Australian based specialists are always available to provide you with premium support 365 days of the year.

Staff management

With all information literally at your fingertips you can optimise your business’ performance, manage your staff roster, hours worked and payrolls on a single business platform.

Simple and affordable

Our all-in-one solution covers everything you need to manage and grow your business successfully. POSable is very easy to learn and simple to set up.

Offline capability

Whether the internet is connected or not, With POSable you can keep your business up and running until your connection is restored.

Intelligent reporting and analytics

POSable reporting functionality gives you complete visibility and control over your stock management, sales figures, customer orders and transaction logs.

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How to choose the right POS

Here is a question checklist to ask yourself when choosing a POS system for your business